"How can you measure if a brief is successful?"

Effecting change is virtually impossible without quantitative metrics. Subjective feedback is difficult to respond to and often breeds skepticism. Without the proper tools or resources, few marketing organizations monitor the quality of their brief content. Subsequently, brief content never improves.

The Brief Rubric ™

The Brief Rubric™ allows BriefLogic to assess content quality on ten individual components using a scale of 1-10. Like any other academic rubric, the score is a clear result of where the content fell within the definitions. Our team is able to assess content objectively and consistently. As a result, scores can be measured over time . . . helping to highlight areas of improvement and identify areas requiring additional work.


Content Assessment data is collected and reported at regular intervals. Reports can be produced at a departmental level all the way down to the individual marketer, to facilitate professional development. BriefLogic also offers 1x1 coaching for those marketers who are looking to dramatically improve their skills.

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