"What does a good brief look like?"

This is the #1 question we hear from marketers. To help them write a great brief each time, every time, BriefLogic offers the following:


Templates alone cannot guarantee the quality of input that goes into a brief. But they can help organize and prompt for critical information. And templates can help frame a story that is both meaningful and inspirational to your creative team. BriefLogic brief templates differ from other alternatives in three key areas:

BriefLogic templates leverage our cross-industry experience, so they reflect best-practices from around the Fortune 500.

BriefLogic templates are custom-designed for your organization, using nomenclature that is familiar to your marketers and your Creative Teams.

BriefLogic templates don’t simply provide a blank space for input . . . they include prompts that frame the information being sought to help facilitate the quality of input your Creative Teams crave.


Aligning your marketers around a common set of expectations is a critical step toward elevating the quality of your briefs. The Brief Rubric defines exactly what gold-standard input looks like for the core components of a brief, removing any ambiguity as to what level of information is expected.

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