Writing a brief is one of the most strategic and important responsibilities a marketer will undertake during their career.  A brief must deliver on business and communication objectives that help determine the success of the entire company.  A brief commits valuable assets and sets into motion precious resources both internally and externally.  And a brief dictates the voice and face that a company puts forward to its customers.  But for all of this, briefs are often viewed as a tactical chore . . . a “necessary evil” that receives little formal attention or support within the industry.  BriefLogic was founded in 2009 to address exactly this gap.

BriefLogic works with some of the world’s leading brands to help them maximize their marketing efforts by:

We implement customized training to help your marketers write better briefs. 

Our customized briefing templates and tools leverage best-in-class practices from across the industry.

We have designed briefing processes that will optimize your marketers efficiency in complex corporate environments.

We continuously assess brief content quality to ensure your team's ongoing improvement.

Our passion for briefing comes from more than 75 combined years managing national agencies and global corporate marketing departments for the Fortune 100. We’ve encountered the exact same challenges our clients are currently experiencing:

Executive management is dissatisfied with the depth and robustness of thinking reflected in the briefs they’re seeing.

Creative Teams (internal and external) are complaining about the quality of direction they’re receiving . . . especially when getting negative feedback on the creative.

Senior managers are looking to elevate skill sets (or simply “getting back to basics”) or are interested in instituting more control around project management.

BriefLogic is uniquely positioned to help marketers with their briefing needs.

Last year alone our clients spent $10+ billion in US advertising . . . and that gives us an unrivaled knowledge base that comes from analyzing and optimizing their briefs. And because we’ve been corporate marketers ourselves, we understand the added complexity of driving change in intense and dynamic environments. Contact us today, and let us show you how we can help your marketers become more efficient, more effective.


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