“Shouldn’t the people we hire already know how to write a brief?”

The answer is yes, but the problem is that few of them have ever been formally instructed on how to do so. Colleges and universities do not have the knowledge or experience to teach students about brief writing. Few marketing departments have training in place that covers briefs. And if you have marketers that came originally from sales, engineering, customer care or another department, they may not have any formal marketing training at all.

“How to Write a Better Brief” is training designed to:

Show marketing/communication teams how a brief is the basis for managing “the work,” for building strong relationships with Creative Teams, and for realizing desirable creative outcomes.

Help those assigning work to agencies (or internal creative teams) gain an appreciation for why codifying information is important and how to codify the information necessary for agencies to return with the level of work expected. Misunderstanding is easy; clarity takes time and effort but it is well worth it.

Offer best practices for what goes into an excellent brief.

Mentor/Instruct participants with hands-on writing of strategic brief components.  This helps illustrate the depth of thinking needed for writing great briefs and transitions the lessons from an academic discussion into practical application.

Help participants learn to think critically about their in-session work by presenting the content they wrote for peer and instructor review at the end of each section.


“How to Write a Better Brief” is a 6-8 hour on-site training course that can be customized to your organization’s needs. Whether you have a team of seasoned marketers who would benefit from a refresher course, a group of “accidental marketers” who are working with a Creative Team for the first time, or a combination of the two, contact us to learn how we can customize “How to Write a Better Brief” training for you!