“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” 

― Abraham Lincoln

Making the Most of Your Resources

“Input Economics” is how John Kennedy, then Vice President of Corporate Marketing at IBM, crystallized BriefLogic’s strategy during our first meeting together. John knew that maximizing the efficiency with which you use your resources is a guaranteed way to improve ROI. And investing more heavily in the planning stages of projects - where conflicts, gaps, and obstacles can be solved before hard costs have been sunk - is the best way to maximize efficiency.

Stay on track.

Focusing on improved input doesn’t just give your Creative Team better information to work with.  It also gives you a solid baseline from which to measure your efforts.  Budget, timing, and performance parameters are all documented and supported by the project’s stakeholders.  Any deviations from the original input can be tracked against the original brief.  This creates a documentation trail that can be audited to identify best-practices and improvement opportunities.

Effective every time.

BriefLogic turns great marketers into brilliant marketers because we train them to develop better input. BriefLogic's tools and best practices guarantee that every marketer launches every assignment in the most effective way possible. Everything we do helps to increase the value of marketing within your organization. And that ultimately drives ROI and brand value for your company.

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