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Quality input = Quality output. Which gets results.
Making marketing matter more to your business.

WHAT WE DO: BriefLogic is in the business of helping marketers and agencies increase their value and impact on their businesses in a measurable way. Our software ensures companies and agencies like yours create high quality, consistent input briefs for all marketing deliverables, so you speed both the process and quality of your marketing. Companies and agencies that use BriefLogic's tools and training are reaping significant savings by improving the quality of the input into for every marketing project. "Garbage in, garbage out" turns into "quality in, quality out" and marketing delivers consistent, measurable business results.

WHY IT MATTERS: BriefLogic makes enterprise marketing – and marketers – and agencies – more valuable and your contributions to your business more measurable. Brilliant input up front drives faster delivery of new marketing activities and delivers better results.

WHO WE ARE: BriefLogic was originally conceived by Casey Jones, an executive with more than 25 years of experience helping drive shareholder value, marketing impact, efficiency and effectiveness for a number of the world's most highly regarded brands, including Intel, Oracle, Microsoft, Dell, HP and Verizon Wireless.

Along with co-founders Deon Lewis and Dr. Daniel Bonevac of the University of Texas, BriefLogic benefits from an astounding staff of marketing and technology talent as well as an enviable board of directors and advisors. In total, the company represents over $6 billion in marketing leadership and some of the best thinkers in the world with regards to process management and integrated marketing and communications. Our customers benefit from the counsel of David Bell, former chairman of IPG; Jeff Rodek, former chairman of Hyperion Solutions; John Battelle, co-founder of Web 2.0, founding editor of Wired magazine and executive chairman of Federated Media; Bob Berenson, former chairman of Grey Global Group, and Jim Finn, one of the highest-profile names in global public relations for technology companies. We are discipline-agnostic, technology and new-media savvy, and driven to deliver dramatic levels of value for leading marketers and the agencies striving to make a true difference to their brands.

Only BriefLogic provides an easy-to-use, adaptable online application with a customizable library of input briefs for every marketing tactic or agency proposal or scope-of-work document. With BriefLogic, you get it right the first time and leverage every dollar and hour you spend. BriefLogic leads enterprise marketers or agency account managers through form-based briefs/proposals for every type of marketing deliverable, then allows for easy task assignment and workflows to get these vital agreement tools completed quickly and accurately. The™ software application is built to be customized to your organization's unique deliverables and branding.

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